Internet security is always important. Make sure your settings are correct.  Firewall profile settings for Windows should be on "private" for a home setup.
When you travel, select "public" for connecting to open public networks such as hotels, airports or places like  McDonald's. This change will prevent other users on the public network from accessing your computer. If you are using a mobile phone,you need a VPN to be activated so your data is encrypted making it impossible for others on the public network to see your data. When you return home, your home network should automatically reconnect.
                                      WIFI PASSWORD
A WiFi password must be firmly secure or a hacker will be able to enter your network and attack any device on it. It must consist of 14 letters and numbers only.  DO NOT use special characters such as @#$%^&*() _+
Do not use dictionary words or proper names since hackers already have tools that can get through those easily.
Poor password: bumpyride285  
Good password: QHMpzT39HkDsV5   (Example Only - do not use) This example consists of a small letters, capital letters and numbers only.