At 10th Street Church of Christ we are all servants of Christ. We aim to work as a family in one of God's many houses. Therefore, we all are part of the church staff in some form and
members participate where needed.
Evangelist - Keith S. Canton

Keith has been leading the work for the last 43 years. He joined us in 1977 as an evangelist ordained from the Dorr Drive School of the Ministry in Rutland, VT.
 He came to work with the church in many capacities such as: preaching, teaching, song leading, conducting Bible studies in homes, and offering college level classes for the men in the congregation wanting to learn more about teaching, preaching, hermeneutics, the NT Testament Church, song leading and other Biblical subjects in collaboration with other evangelists in the area. Keith is fully bilingual and translated the sermons that were being preached by other evangelists along with a team of other men in the congregation that were able to translate the sermons as well.
Keith has preached at rallies, retreats, and camps throughout the states as well as in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Jamaica and England.
He has done this work as a bi-vocational minister.
Keith  completed his MA in Education in School Counseling and his MA in Education in School Supervision and Administration.